Sunday, 18 March 2012

Christmas Decoration!

Its been a while since i have last blogged, i have so much to update you on. During december i done some freelance work, i was asked to decorate this ladies house for christmas. I enjoy being creative and loved the festive season so was pretty excited to get started. We discussed colours, themes and what she wanted then she left to me to work my magic. Before i could get down to decorating i had to work out what i needed lights, trees, decoration etc the clint also wanted themes in each room and left this down to me to chose and get back to her with ideas. It took me about a week to go and buy everything and the installation took 2 weeks. I was working by myself so was a lot of work but throughly enjoyed it all. I will post some pictures so you can see what i got up to! The clint was over the moon with what i produced and i'm looking forward to working with her again this year :)

If you scroll down you will see a few images of what i created! enjoy

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