Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Expanding Foam!

I was finding it hard to create a sponge like texture and the colour was really hard to make. Ive never used expanding foam before and didn't know if it would work so thought id try it. I used a 2 part foam which i mixed together and poured straight into cupcake cases and tart tins. As this was the my first time using it i didnt know how much i had to pour in and how much it would expand so it was an experiment. Here are some images of the stages i went through. I was overly pleased with how they turnt out the sponge looks really realistic and once decorated they will look great!!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Making Of A Cake

As you all know ive never made cakes before so this is was an experiment. I stared by drawing out circles on to polystrene and cutting them out using the bandsaw. Once cut out i sanding them down to give them a round shape and smooth the egdes. I done this 5 times to produce a 5 tier cake. After this i used coydex to glue each tier together then covered the whole cake in polyfiller using a texture to look like it was covered in chocolate. I was quite happy with how it turned out being my first time. Here are some images of the stages i went through.

Major Project!

For my major project at Uni i wanted to combine my love for visual merchandising and prop/set making. I wanted to do something that i havent done before so it will be a challenge to me and also gain some new skills in the process. Im decied to do Sweeney Todds cake shop before he became a barber. My plan is to build a shop front with windows and design fake cakes which i will display in the shop windows using my visual merchandises skills. The cakes that i will be making will have elements of fingers, eyes, noses, guts and all sorts mixed in. Im looking forward to making fake food as ive never done it before and trying to make them look as realistic as possible. I shall keep you updated when i start making and will post pictures so you can all see what im getting up to! :)

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Christmas Decoration!

Its been a while since i have last blogged, i have so much to update you on. During december i done some freelance work, i was asked to decorate this ladies house for christmas. I enjoy being creative and loved the festive season so was pretty excited to get started. We discussed colours, themes and what she wanted then she left to me to work my magic. Before i could get down to decorating i had to work out what i needed lights, trees, decoration etc the clint also wanted themes in each room and left this down to me to chose and get back to her with ideas. It took me about a week to go and buy everything and the installation took 2 weeks. I was working by myself so was a lot of work but throughly enjoyed it all. I will post some pictures so you can see what i got up to! The clint was over the moon with what i produced and i'm looking forward to working with her again this year :)

If you scroll down you will see a few images of what i created! enjoy

These are the last of the images, These are taking from the main entrance of the house and the outside. I wanted this to have the wow factor as this the first thing you see when visitors walk into the house. I chose red as its a prime colour for christmas, this entrance differently made an impression to guests.

The theme for this room was once again influenced by children. Its pink, sliver, glitz, fairies and snowmen. I chose the pink and silver to tie in with the decor.

In this room i went for ginger bread men, i chose this because its very festive and also looks cute! As my clint had children i wanted to create something for them in this room, its fun and children friendly.